Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Charity - Throwing bread crumbs out of the window?

The word Charity itself is wrong….Charity by itself creates a sense of superiority in the giver and a sense of servility and inferiority in the asker……..This contradicts the basic rule that all Souls are basically good………….whereas Christianity uses Charity to propagate which is very wrong and immoral.

In The Geeta, it is mentioned that one who works only for himself or cooks food only for himself is a sinner and will go to hell. One who lives only for the benefit of other human beings is a good human being.

During Vedic Yagna we hear ‘Indraya idham nama indraya swaha’ We think it means ‘Respects to Indra and offerings to Indra’  No, it means “This belongs to Indra and is Not Mine, so I am offering it to Indra” And specifically not mine. This is very important as otherwise your Ego gets blasted as a donor to needy recipient. This is not accepted in Hinduism.

In Hinduism you give by saying this belongs to you and this is done with very high respect to the recipient.  Charity is not an act of "have nots" getting some mercy from the "have lots."
Read Vivekananda Bhakthi Marga where he says the only needy person in the world is oneself. Nobody is dependent on us. This is an important difference between Hinduism concept of Charity and other religion.

Sudhama or more widely known as Kuchela was a Brahmin who was a co-student with Lord Srikrishna in the then Gurukul. He was a very poor one but was a favorite friend of Lord Srikrishna. Lord Srikrishna never allowed anyone to tease Sudhama. After the studies each went on his own pursuits of life in different places. While Lord Srikrishna became the ruler of Dwaraka, Sudhama or Kuchela continued his life of Brahmin of worshiping and offering Poojas to the gods and to his childhood friend Lord Srikrishna as the Lord was an extra ordinary power. Kuchela was in perpetual poverty with no food on many days. His wife persuaded him to go to his childhood friend Lord Srikrishna who surely will help them in the difficulties.  Finally one day with reluctance (as Kuchela does not believe in taking others help) He went to his friend’s palace with small quantity of pounded (flattened) rice packed in a old worn out cloth (he could not afford anything else).  As soon as Kuchela entered the gate of Lord Krishna’s palace, the Lord got up and went up to Kuchela and embraced him and brought him to his own seat and washed the feet of Sudhama. Seeing the prosperity all around, Kuchela was ashamed of the gift he has taken to give to the lord and hid the same from view of others. The lord however found the same and snatched and ate 2 hands full of the same. They chatted for some hours and finally Kuchela started back to his home without asking anything from his friend.  When Sudhama reached the place of his old hut in his village he could not find the same but found in its place a palatial  home with all the splendor and wealth. On inquiry he came to know this to be his own home converted by the lord though his friend Kuchela did not say anything about his condition and seek any help. This incident happened on an Akshaya Tritiya day and as the lord made the Kuchela very rich, the belief is that on this day offering worship will bring splendor and prosperity to the devotees.

Today Hindu temples are under govt control and those that are not do not enjoy any benefits and have to pay taxes like any other private institutions where as minority organizations do not have to pay taxes in India.  Minorities get millions from abroad and from India also and do not have any other expense.  They therefore have surplus funds to convert as well as do "Charity for display."  This is why Hindu organisations are found wanting presently in the race for Charity.  Not that Hindus are not doing charity now, but only that they dont get publicized (as publicity is not the primary intention of Hindus) plus the media loses no opportunity to take potshots at Hindus or Hindu orgs whenever there is an excuse made available.  This is in contrast to well-oiled publicity mechanisms of xtians as well as Christian funded media and political parties that sings praise for them even at the drop of the hat.  For example, the CBI has been investigating a xtian priest-nun group-sex murder scandal related to the murder of Sr. Abhaya, now 20 years past, with narco-analysis very clearly showing the arrested nun describing the sex rendezvous and the murder scene.  Yet the xtian-media was rife with discussions for days on end about Santosh Madhavan.  There is hot discussions about Nirmal Baba and his wealth where as there is such silence about Dr. Paul Dinakaran who is a bible millionaire or for that matter Dr. KA Paul of Global Peace Initiative fame (he owns his own a Jumbo Jet like the President of America and named the plane "Peace One") who is now behind bars for murder of his own brother, or K.P. Yohannan who became a self-proclaimed bishop of gospel for asia by the power of dollars.

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